Our father was in the Air Force, so growing up we traveled (and moved) quite a bit. We lived in California and New York, everywhere in between, and a short stint overseas. Even as adults we have found ourselves moving around, a lot. Grandma called it the “Delaney wanderlust”. Rae and her family probably won’t be moving for awhile, work and all. But her husband is a pilot so she can continue to indulge her wanderlust frequently. OraLynn and her husband are empty nesters so they are taking a sabbatical for a year and moved to Mexico to help out some family. Between the two of them, they have seen quite a bit of this amazing world. But it’s never enough, so keep checking the blog for their new adventures. Rae has two little boys ages 4 and 6 so she has first hand experience in traveling with little ones. OraLynn’s son is 20 and out on his own. She’s currently in Mexico helping take care of her husband’s elderly parents so she has experience in traveling with the elderly, teens, and couples travel.